• VCMC Auto-X Cup #4 - Saturday July 6, 2013

    VCMC Auto-X Cup #4 - Saturday July 6, 2013
    Location: JIBC/ YPK Integrated Training Centre (Pitt Meadows Airport)

    >> Registration Link << (Registration closes at 8PM on July 5)
    No drop ins, online registration only.

    First timers are welcomed, no previous Motorsports experience required.

    Entry Fees:
    • VCMC Members: $55
    • Non-Members: $70

    Membership Fees (If applicable):
    • Renewals: $40
    • New members: $50 (Include first event Free)

    Please read the Supplemental Regulations.

    Gates open @ 7:00 am
    Tech closes @ 8:15am
    Reg check-in closes @ 8:30am

    To be announced

    Auto-X Cup Groups:
    • Novice (New members with 3 or fewer autocross events prior to 2013)
    • Open Pax (Open to all competitors from any class, only the first 3 runs counts)
    • Stock (SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS)
    • Non-Stock 1 (SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP)
    • Non-Stock 2 (SM, SMF, SSM, XP, CP, DP, EP, FP, GP, AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM)
    • Non-Stock 3 (STF, STC, STS, STX, STU, STR)
    • Ladies (Open to female competitors from any class)

    Class Modifier/PAX
    If you will be running on Road Tires in a non ST* class please select the appropriate PAX.
    • RTA: Road Tire All Wheel Drive
    • RTR: Road Tire Rear Wheel Drive
    • RTF: Road Tire Front Wheel Drive

    If you don't know your class please post your car details in this thread and we will help you.

    BC Driving Centre sound policy:
    Any vehicles exceeding 92dB measured at 50 feet or showing excessive tire squealing may be asked to stop running by the organizers.

    Please keep in mind VCMC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.
    Events will only run as smoothly as you are willing to contribute.

    Please see our contact page
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