• There is only one event each year, everything else is just practice

    March is just around the corner. Looking at the calender, 2011 will be a special year. Canadian Nationals is coming west again this year. There is a new event call the Old Farts vs. Newbies event, the usual ultra competitive VCMC Novice series and the ultimate test at SCCA's Nationals.

    I don't know what everyones' plans are this year, but I will be returning back to Nebraska for another try. Heard that quite a few other members will be heading down this year also. Don Nimi has told me he will going down for the Pro final and the Nationals. Last time a large VCMC group attended the event was back in 2002, with 12 members.

    Just wondering how many are considering SCCA's Nationals as "THE" event for this year. Deciding and planning early is one of the few key things one can do to improve the odds of doing well down there. Canadian dollar is high, and IMO this might be an excellent year to go especially if this is your first time. Great facility, great courses and the best compitition one can ever hope for in the sport of autocrossing.

    If there is a large enough group of first-timers, we can have a tech session at one of the monthy meetings to talk about preparation for major events. In view of the fact that many will be attending the Canadian Nationals for the first time also.


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