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    by Published on March 7, 2012 20:32

    Here's a teaser video by our very own Brian Salisbury & ex-President Darrin Linders to get you pumped up for the 2012 VCMC Season!
    by Published on December 28, 2011 00:08

    Here's that awesome 60 mins of racing compressed into about 2 minutes!

    by Published on November 2, 2011 17:21

    Thank you to all those who participated in the 2011 AGM where we were able to vote for your 2012 ELT. This team will be guiding VCMC through the coming year and hope to provide you, the members, with quality, efficient and smooth-running events!

    Autocross is still very much a volunteer sport so your help is ALWAYS welcome even if your name is not on this list! Don't be afraid to speak with an exec to voice any suggestions, concerns or to offer help =) This club is volunteer run, we don't get paid to do this, any and all help are appreciated and welcome!

    Congratulations to the 2012 ELT!

    President - Lead ELT to set club direction and goals, motivating,
    mentoring ELT members.
    - Derek Choi

    Vice President - Provide guidance to new ELTs, help the president when
    he/she needs it.
    - Richard Arienzale

    Competition Director - Fill out all the paper work, make nice with
    CACC and the powers that be. Foster competition within the region.
    - Owen Kirby

    Secretary - Take minutes of the meetings and keep track of business items.
    - Rick Leung

    Membership Director - Recruitment & retention of members. Manage
    membership list.
    - Louis Law

    Treasurer - manages club finances, pays bills
    - Carol Wong

    Exec at Large - Communications, Social, Logistics, ETC. People to fit
    in where they are needed depending on demands on the club.
    - Fabrice Renaud
    - Katrina Salisbury
    - Max Liu
    - Kimber MacWilliams
    - Victor Chow
    - Manesa Ho
    - Alex Ho
    - Dean Chen
    - Zach Wong
    by Published on November 1, 2011 00:44
    Article Preview

    The racing for the year is done, now it's time to reflect on what we did well and what we can improve upon as well as YOU THE MEMBERS get to elect the 2012 Executive Leadership Team! Check out the 2012 ELT nomination thread and nominate someone or even yourself to help guide YOUR club!

    photo by Cliff Loh

    We will be discussing what possibilities the new expanded BCDC pad means for VCMC and the events that you get to run.

    Dinner WILL be served, so please sign up below so we can prepare accordingly! ...
    by Published on October 6, 2011 17:49
    Article Preview

    The VCMC Finale Event is fast approaching (in fact, it's almost here!) and it is shaping up to be an epic battle in both the VCMC Series and NCT Series!

    Dov is stressed because he knows he got no way to win this series :P

    Here's how the VCMC Series is lining up:

    Richard Arienzale currently leads OPAX on two consistent 99 point finishes with Alex Ho nipping at his heels just .8 points back and Mitch Burton only just under 2 points back from there in third. just under 7 points cover up to the top 9 places.

    However, lurking just outside the top 11 is James Yip sitting on a 100 point finish at VCMC 1 and was absent from VCMC 2. He sits poised to leap from 12th to 1st making an epic snatch of victory if he can win VCMC #3. Jack Yeung also can mathematically take 2nd from his current 13th.

    That's about all the number crunching I'm willing to do =P ...
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