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    by Published on September 29, 2011 18:29

    We are opening up nominations for ELT positions now. These positions will be voted on at the 2011 AGM in November. Details will be posted as we get closer to the date.

    Remember that autocross is very much a volunteer sport. ELT are not paid to do their jobs leading the club and organizing the events. If you have been enjoying the results of these efforts, please consider joining the ELT and give back to the community you've been a part of.

    Please post your nominations below and I will update the first post as they come in. Don't feel strange about nominating yourself, we welcome anyone interested in helping the club! You don't have to have experience, just an interest and passion to help! Also see this not as only helping the club, but those looking to bolster their resumes can get valuable experience as 2012 may prove to be a banner year for VCMC with some exciting projects to work on!
    by Published on September 3, 2011 13:54

    Group 2 Day 2 - recap

    The racing is done, tires worn out (quite literally in one case) and weary warriors are beginning the long cruise home (doesn't it always feel faster going home?). First and foremost, congratulations to ALL VCMCers who made the trek down to SCCA US Solo Nationals, the trip and experience are priceless and few have the opportunity to do it. You ran with the best!
    by Published on September 1, 2011 21:03

    Group 2 Day 1 quick summary
    Avril felt a little home sick and decided to do her best Carson impression to remind all the VCMCers of home. ok, so i made that up =P good to hear Avril was well enough to race race race!

    STS: Richard Basford & Andre Millette were first up bright and early this morning and ended the day 17th and 32nd, Richard is still within striking distance of a trophy and at NT he came back from behind to bring home some glittering hardware!

    BS: up next were the VCMC S2k's of Owen and Richard Arienzale with their cohorts, Arthur Chan and Mitch Burton - Day 1 proved to be tire-warmer's day today as both Mitch and Arthur faired better than car owners *gasp* Mitch is sitting in 10th just outside the trophies .121 back and Art is not far away in 14th barely another .1sec back. Owen and Richard are currently 24th and 29th respectively and are looking to make comebacks on Day 2 on the slalom intensive West course. Notables: Reijo currently sits 15th just behind Art.
    by Published on August 31, 2011 14:13
    Article Preview

    I think there is no better comparison of US Nationals than it is a roller coaster. The rickety wooden coaster at Playland. It's been there for ages, you've ridden it before, yet... you go back every year to get more.

    The first batch of VCMCers has been put through the wringer and a few more are set to take to the Lincoln Airpark concrete Thursday and Friday.

    After fighting bogging issues for weeks now on the Vancouver Special, Joe Cheng and Gary Milligan felt the issue had been finally nailed down as the rig pulled out of Vancouver on the road to US Nationals. Joe, Carol Wong and Arthur Chan would cruise down while Gary would fly in with a brand new clutch that would solve all their problems.

    First little dip on the coaster would be Art receiving news that his co-drive at Nationals had run into some misfortune and would not be available

    The first of the roller coaster dives would result from the test runs post clutch install, bogging issues still haunting the VS. Would this be a repeat of 2010?
    by Published on August 24, 2011 15:37
    Article Preview

    The dust from the BC Champs has settled, weary travellers have made their way home yet there is "no rest for the weary" as it were. The VCMC exodus earlier this year for the Packwood National Tour event was a precursor to bigger things that are now rolling.

    A large contingent of those who went to National Tour are now rolling towards Lincoln, Nebraska, the heart of the USA and home of the biggest autocross event of the year, the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championship, aka US Nationals.

    This is the holy grail of the autocross world. A select few put in the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears for the chance be crowned a US National Champion.

    In just under a week, 1149 racers will be funnelled thru the logistical machine that runs the US Nationals and after 4 days of make or break competition, history will be made. Phenomenal wins and excruciating losses will be felt all across the awe-inspiring facility that is Lincoln Airpark.

    Good luck to all the Canadians making the trip and in particular to the following VCMC members (14 members):
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