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Thread: iRacing turned up to '11'

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    iRacing turned up to '11'

    Not directly related to the club, but I thought I'd share this with my friends at VCMC.

    I've now joined my first proper sim racing league outside of the regular iRacing service, the Continental Endurance Sports Car Series. It is modelled after the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge and includes multiclass racing with the Mustang and MX-5 Cup cars. Rich B has also joined the league in the Ford, but has yet to run his first event.

    What really appeals to me is the way things are set up to be as realistic as possible. There is one race every two weeks which count towards a season championship. The races are overseen and managed by a dedicated race marshal who throws full course cautions and deploys the pace car at appropriate times. Best of all, the races are broadcast live on the Internet and covered by a 2-person commentary team.

    Taking the realism a bit further, I ventured out to represent a real life motorsport team. Here in the UK there's a team called Blendini Motorsport that races MX-5s . They also run an interesting annual competition call the Blendini Scholarship and the prize is a year's worth of racing one of their cars. Think of it like a GT Academy for grassroots motorsports. After telling them about iRacing, CESCS and the coverage that this league would have, they were interested for me to represent them online.

    Based on their actual car, I proceeded to create a custom iRacing paint job to be as close as possible:

    And the sim version:

    This past weekend, we raced at Road America which would be my second race. If you're interested in seeing the footage, it's available in two parts.

    The first clip will be rather tiresome unless you enjoying seeing a lot of following the pace car around. It will give you an idea of the realism though:

    For the final 30 minutes of the race, I was in an intense battle for first place in the ST group.

    After the race, there were even driver interviews although I had a rather embarrassing moment when called to speak as I had no idea where the microphone button was in the TeamSpeak software!

    I hope that gives you an idea of what a sim league can be. I'm really excited to be a part of it - I feel like I'm having a mini-race car driver career.

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    Re: iRacing turned up to '11'

    Fantastic racing!!! That series looks like a blast.

    Hopefully sometime soon I can join you in a race!!!


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    Re: iRacing turned up to '11'

    Awesome job on the first restart Art, bloody hairaising.
    Weird move by Lenzi on the front straight.
    Good luck in the series, I will tune in and follow you guys.

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    Re: iRacing turned up to '11'

    Quote Originally Posted by arthurc View Post

    Let me be the first to say, "your car is sooo cuuuuute!"

    That's really cool news, Art. I hope you do well.
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    Re: iRacing turned up to '11'

    Bill: Funny story with Lenzi. It turns out his phone kept ringing with a call from a family member. Distracted by looking at his phone, he ended up squeezing that Mustang into the wall and caused the huge wreck. It turns out that the call wasn't important at all.

    Carol: It's not cute - it's a menacing shade of green! Oh, and the guy on my trunk is named "Mr. Booh" and he's the mascot for a milkshake company.
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    I just know it... Of all the races in all my seasons, that's going to be the eternally defining moment for my career as a virtual driver

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    Re: iRacing turned up to '11'

    Today Michael Denham and I competed in a CESCS team event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. It was one of the most fun iRaces I've ever done for many reasons but it takes top spot easily because I had a team mate!! iRacing has really changed sim racing in my opinion with this function and I cant wait for the next race!

    Race breakdown for team N49:

    - Starting 5th on the grid, the ST cars are released manually by CESCS race-control. It seems the first two rows of the grid were napping on the start and got swamped by the mid field including myself tracing the pit wall and exited Andretti in 2nd place!!
    race start:

    -The leader and I started to gap the field so I applied pressure but took no risks to make the pass to preserve our lap times. Waiting for the leader to make a mistake and capitalize the chance came on lap 4
    pass for the lead:

    -Dries Nys was always there to capitalize on any mistake but I was able to manage the gap to him for the remainder of my stint. On lap 28 a driver blew his engine and could not move his car outside of the barriers, Michael and I knew immediately the race would be flagged and jumped into the pits. This was the best move we made all race and meant Michael started his stint in 3rd position, even ahead of some cars that had not pitted!!!
    car engine blows:
    Michael starts his stint:

    - Yellow flags always create more yellows and after a 2nd restart Michael was fighting for the lead and had a back marker, who was being blue flagged, take him out. I'm of course biased but having it on video and having the casters go over and over the event drove home my assumptions.
    Michaels incident:

    - After two lengthy stops to somewhat fix the car, our 1st race ended in 8th position. During the lead up to the race, in practice, and quali, Michael and I set our goal: FINISH THE RACE. Even though we achieved our goal and 8th of 15 entered is nothing to scoff at I know our 'goal' did change slightly during the race. I think we can be very proud of our pace and strategy, not only can we compete in this series, we could have had a podium today! Next race we will have to prove it


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    Re: iRacing turned up to '11'

    Rich and Michael - that is awesome! I participated in that league for a couple of seasons since my original post but sat out this year. The reason is that I joined up with a British team led by and gentleman who has actually been endurance sim racing and running leagues since Nascar 2003 (!) Being part of a proper and dedicated team was a lot of work. For a given event, we typically put in twice as many hours of practice as the race duration.

    I teamed up with two gents and ran two different leagues. Most of the races were anywhere from 3 to 6 hours long but the pinnacle was when four of us ran the first iRacing 24 hours of Daytona together. There was really something special about getting up at 1AM to do my second 6-hour shift with my partner and really focusing on either putting in the consistent laps or spotting the competition when not driving.

    We were quite lucky that one of the older gents on our team was an absolute wizard with iRacing setups. We'd test, tell him what we didn't like and he would fix it.

    Back in April, I got to meet my team in person for the first time after countless hours of praticing, racing and chatting over Teamspeak. Our team leader organized a meetup at the first round of the WEC in Silverstone. Here are the photos from the day

    That last photo reminded my of Gary Milligan
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    "On a break" from autocross

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