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Thread: 2017 Solo National Attendance

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    2017 Solo National Attendance

    I would like to give a rough count who is willing to go to 2017 SCCA Solo National in Lincoln NE. With enough interest, we can rent a transporter to ship our cars to the site. It might be cheaper and more economical for most of us.

    ***UPDATE (Feb 21st): Cost of the transporter is $21000 + $120 Brokerage fee. The transporter can take 6 cars. If we have full truck with codriver in each car, it will cost roughly $1800 for each person. It's higher than towing but you don't need to drive for 30 hours and having a trailer.

    Note that VCMC support National first timer and will pay for their entry fee.

    Please confirm asap. The truck can take 6 cars. Deadline is March 31st*. Without a full load truck, I will cancel this arrangement.

    Confirmed List:
    FSP - Civic
    XP - CRX
    ES - Miata


    SCCA Solo National run group link
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    Re: 2017 Solo National Attendance

    tentative yes for me lol, still waiting for the all clear from god

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    Re: 2017 Solo National Attendance

    Unfortunately not this year. Hoping for a return in 2018.

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