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    Post Scores & Results

    Here are the final results!

    Congratulations to the Canadian Autoslalom champion and all the class winners:

    PAX Times:

    Classes Scores:

    Raw Times:

    All Runs:


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    Wow, thanks for getting the results up so quick Jordan!

    Just wanted to add, this was actually my first national event of any kind, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. You guys put on just an awesome event, so thanks very much to everybody who helped put this on!

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    I too, would like to say THANK YOU to everyone involved. The organizers were amazing! Hardly a flaw the whole weekend!

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    Re: Scores & Results

    Big Thanks to the exec/organizers! Having been behind the scenes before, this event may look more or less similar to regular ones give or take a few things obvious to racers but the change in work effort required is not inconsequential.

    The battle in CMod was a roller coaster (as if the cars aren't fun enough)! Hopping back into a CM after so long was a blast yet a harsh reminder that this is one lousy driver right here

    Congrats to all the champs of 2017!
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    Re: Scores & Results

    Thanks for the lightning fast results and big thanks to the organizers for a great event, that was a lot of fun.

    I wonder how long it's going to take SCCA to adopt the same format for US Nationals.
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    Re: Scores & Results

    Great event... didn't make it to day 2 but had fun regardless. Thanks to the organizers.
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    Re: Scores & Results

    Thanks to the event team for all their hard work. It was an amazing event. The 4 course format is a real winner.
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