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Thread: First time on the track advice needed

  1. Question First time on the track advice needed

    Hello VCMC forum,

    As you guys can see the from the title his will be my first time around the track so I want to make sure I do it properly with as little problems as possible. I have a 2016 BMW M3 which is my baby but until I know the track a little better I will be taking my older 2007 Honda Civic Type-R. What I would love to know from you guys is in preparation for going to the track what should I do to the Type-R to make it safer? For Example, is a racing seat necessary? (it might sounds stupid to you guys but I actually don’t know) Also if there are any minor adjustments I can make to the engine to make it run that little bit quicker like an air intake like this or something along the lines? I will place some specs below


    Make: Honda
    Model: Civic Type-R
    Year: 2007
    Engine: 2.0L i-VTEC
    Body: Hatchback
    Gas: Petrol
    Transmission: Manual

    If there is any other information that you guys need just let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.

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    Re: First time on the track advice needed

    Hey Jacke,

    Welcome to the club! Sounds like you've got some cool cars.

    In my opinion; the brakes are the most important part of your stock car to upgrade before a track day. Putting in good track pads and getting all new track brake fluid is 1st on the list (you dont need a BBK or anything).

    Then just show up, soak in as much as you can from your instructor, and have fun remembering a few things:
    - Ferrari isn't in the stands looking for their next f1 driver to replace Kimi next year
    - It ISN'T a race!!! Work up to adding speed, the most common mistake I see as an instructor is overdriving
    - You don't need to spend a bunch of money on making your car faster until you can drive your car fast
    - Ask for help, ask for rides, and socialize! People are there to help and have a good day!

    Good luck,

  3. Re: First time on the track advice needed

    brakes make sense I will be making sure they are in their best condition and I will be leaving out the upgrades until I get used to what I've got. You actually made me think a little about the fact it's not going to be like driving on the streets. Thanks for the tips and advice

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    Re: First time on the track advice needed

    Rich was right on. Don't spend money on your first outing EXCEPT to make sure the car is in great running condition. Have good summer tires. Fresh brake fluid and good pads. You don't need track pads for your first outing (but if you want them, I sell street/track brake pads and give VCMC members a discount) but you want to make sure that your pads have a lot of life left in them.
    - you need a helmet
    - clean out the car (so that stuff isn't rolling all around) (especially sub-woofers and stuff like that)
    - on the day of remove your floor mats (so they don't get bunched up and in the way)
    - good idea to do all regular maintenance (oil and filter, make sure air filter isn't blocked, check the rad fluid and that rad is clear of debris. Change the rad fluid if you don't know when it was last done). Make sure all v-belts are in good condition.
    - have a tire pressure gauge with you. Before arriving at the track, bump up your tire pressure to mid/high 30's. That's likely too much, but you can let it out. If you arrive at the track and don't have enough tire pressure, you have to leave the track and head out to a garage and lose time.
    - while I don't want you to spend money, how old are the Type R's tires? If they're original, they'll be like rocks and you'll be slip sliding around at every corner and won't be having fun.
    - have a full tank of gas
    - bring a cooler with lots of water. Bring sunscreen. Bring a lawn chair. Bring some basic tools as 'just in case' insurance.
    Be prepared to have fun and realize that you're going to have a smile etched onto your face all day long.
    See you there.

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