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Thread: Some videos from SCCA Nationals 2017.

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    Some videos from SCCA Nationals 2017.

    Just a few videos that I have seen posted of some of the class winners (organized from fastest to slowest)

    PAX Top 10 runs (of 1294 drivers!)

    Tom O'Gorman in the B-Street Prepared S2000 on 315s
    (BSP 1st; PAX 2nd; 107.308 seconds):

    Tom Ellam in the B-Mod Sports Racer
    (BM 1st; PAX 3rd; 95.833 seconds):

    Marshall Grice in A-Mod car
    (AM 1st; PAX 4th; 91.866 seconds):

    Randall Wilcox in the SSM Supercharged Miata
    (SSM 1st; PAX 5th; 105.086 seconds):

    Other fun stuff...

    John Vitamvas in the D-Street Prepared 330ci on 315 Hoosiers
    (DSP 1st; PAX 31/1294; 111.764 seconds)

    Hoping the guys who attended will post some videos as well!


    PS Complete index results here:
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