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Thread: 3 drivers possible?

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    3 drivers possible?


    Myself and a couple friends are looking at getting into autocross. I did it in the late 90's and early 00's for a number of years but the others have never auto-x. The 3 of us will be using and building one car to try and keep cost low and I do not have e parking for a 4th car .

    Is it possible to have a 3 driver car? Back in the day I had co-drivers and co-drove with a number of people but don't recall ever seeing a 3 driver team.

    Thanks for your input.


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    yes, the 3rd driver gets bumped up to a different class, or runs out of group and has runs disqualified.
    we have some entrants who 2 of which run in CSP, while the 3rd runs in SSM (in a different group)

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    Re: 3 drivers possible?

    Thank you for the information. Should not be a problem for us then.

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