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Thread: Clasing info for 99 integra

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    Clasing info for 99 integra

    So I am registering for my first event for the 16th of October and was wondering what class I should be registering for, my car is mostly stock with full interior only mods are cold air intake coils and rear lca's. Sorry for my newb-Ness and thank you in advance for the help! Hope to see you on the track!

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    those mods put you in Street touring.

    more specifically Street touring Xtreme!!!. aka STX, as per

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    Re: Clasing info for 99 integra

    Thanks for the quick response, I read threw the class rules last night and I might have jumped the gun by registering for street touring novice as it's my first race, will I be ok to leave it or should I change it

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    your CLASS is still STX.

    doesnt matter really if you put yourself in the novice group or the street touring group as it is the last event and you're not really collecting points.

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