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Thread: SUV allowed?

  1. SUV allowed?

    Hey guys I'm a newbie to the club and forum and I'm planning to register to the 2017 VCMC track day #1 coming up on May. 5. I'm wondering how are the cars classed, and if SUV's are allowed. I drive a 2017 Mercedes GLE 43 AMG and I'm wondering if that car could be driven on the track. Thanks!!

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    Re: SUV allowed?

    Unfortunately, I think it is safe to assume that your GLE 43 AMG is not allowed on track. For autox at least, we typically do not allow vehicles that are "taller than they are wide". More specifically, if a car's track width measures shorter than its height, then it is deemed a rollover risk, and it cannot participate in autox.

    In your case, from the MB USA website, I found the following info:

    The track width of your GLE seems to be 65.5", while the height is 67.7". That means it does not meet the autox rollover risk test.

    I have not read the track day rulebook in a while, but I suspect there is probably a similar clause regarding rollover risks.

    Note, however, that nothing I say is official. It is probably best to confirm with the track day coordinator.
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    Hello traum,

    Thanks for the reply! If it is a matter of height vs width, I know that I have air suspension and the car could be lowered to a height that is less than its width. I've emailed the coordinator, but got no response. should I just call mission raceway and ask about the rules? Would they apply to VCMC?


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    Re: SUV allowed?

    The CACC Lapping Day regulations which govern our track days unfortunately do not permit you to bring out the GLE to our event. In particular it has this to say about Vehicle Admissibility in chapter 20:

    A. . Have a wheelbase of 183 cm (72") or longer; front and rear tracks of 107 cm (42") or wider.
    The maximum permissible height of competing vehicles is 160 cm (63 inches).
    Vehicle eligibility is also further constrained by the need to meet CACC Time Attack or CACC Stock class preparation rules, which also require the "wider than they are tall" rule (see section 16, clause K about ineligible vehicles in the CACC Time Attack rulebook), and additionally includes a blanket ban on all SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks.

    Vehicles having a high center of gravity and a narrow track, including SUVs, minivans and 4WD pickups are not eligible to compete. Any vehicle that is taller than it is wide is not eligible for competition. Extra caution should be exercised with non-traditional vehicles (e.g. trucks using racing slicks).
    The relevant rulebooks:
    2017 CACC Lapping Regulations
    2017 Time Attack Rulebook
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    Re: SUV allowed?

    Eligibility aside IMHO running a vehicle that heavy ( 6000 + lbs according a quick search ) at Mission will destroy its brakes by the end of the first session. Mission is short with several heavy braking zones so the brakes never really have a chance to cool down during a lap. Running at somewhere like the Ridge or maybe Area 27 might work. Even the GAIN track here on the Island might work as its so tight you don't get that high of top speed. It's owned by the M-B dealership so you might even be able to get an invite.


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