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Thread: 2017 Annual general meeting

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    2017 Annual general meeting

    2017 Annual general meeting

    Our 2017 VCMC Annual General Meeting will be held on TBA ( Late Oct )
    Location TBA


    Directors Reports
    Club Business
    2016 Directors Reports
    2017 Directors Elections
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    Re: 2017 Annual general meeting

    The 2017 VCMC AGM is coming fast upon us, and I would like to take this opportunity to invite all nominations (including self-nominations) for positions in the 2017 ELT. Please remember that autoslalom is a volunteer sport, and no one on the ELT are paid to do their jobs in leading the club and organizing the events. If you have been enjoying the results of these efforts, please consider joining the ELT and give back to the community that you have been part of.

    Please post your nominations below and I will update the post as they come in. As I was saying before, there is no need to feel awkward about nominating yourself -- we welcome any interested member in helping the club. Prior experience is not necessary; only a passion for team work and a willingness to help are necessary. Being a member of the ELT is a great way to get to know how things work "behind the scenes". Additionally, this type of executive experience is highly valuable for those looking to bolster their resumes and built their organizational experience.

    Voted positions:

    President - Lead the ELT to set club direction and goals. Motivate and mentor other ELT members.
    - Dave Cross (incumbent - Stepping down)

    Vice President - Provide guidance to new ELTs. Help the president as necessary. Drives club projects.
    - Peter Ferrucci (incumbent - Stepping down)

    Competition Director - File paperwork and please with CACC and other organizations in the autocross community. Foster competition within the region.
    - Matt Rizzo (incumbent - Stepping down)

    Treasurer - Maintain financial records and handle banking. File regulatory documents with government.
    - Evelyn Lee (incumbent)

    Communication Director (Aka Secretary) - Take minutes of the meetings and keep track of business items. Manage communications and general PR of club.
    - Alyson Pickett (incumbent - Stepping Down)

    Membership Director - Recruitment & retention of members. Manage membership list.
    - Jordan Valgardson (incumbent - Stepping down)

    Appointed Positions

    Technical Director
    - Ben Neale (Incumbent - Stepping Down)

    Velocity Directo
    r - Run the Velocity driver development program
    - Yarko Petriw (Incumbent - Stepping Down)

    Track day Coordinator - Organize and chair Track days
    - Owen Kirby (Incumbent)
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    Re: 2017 Annual general meeting

    I would like to nominate - Jordan Valgardson as President

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    Re: 2017 Annual general meeting

    I would like to Nominate - Dimitri Tcaciuc as membership director

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