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Thread: Koni yellow rebuild & revalving?

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    Koni yellow rebuild & revalving?


    I'm wondering if there is anywhere locally that can rebuild and revalving to SPSS3. I have Koni Yellow's on my civic and they have started to leak out of the adjuster on 2 at the last event (first time running this new to me car).

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Koni yellow rebuild & revalving?

    I am not sure if those shocks are rebuildable, but you could ask the guys at RMR, they did my dampers

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    Re: Koni yellow rebuild & revalving?

    Koni has a very limited number of authorized service centres in North America. I've had good service on rebuild/revalve work from Performance Shock in Sonoma, Ca. If you drive to Blaine or Point Roberts and ship them from there you'll also save yourself a ton of money on shipping costs.

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    Re: Koni yellow rebuild & revalving?

    I sent my Koni Race Shocks to True Choice for rebuild. I emailed & called both Koni USA & True Choice. True Choice gave me quicker better reply on the info I needed.
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    Re: Koni yellow rebuild & revalving?

    Thanks everyone.

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