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Thread: For Sale: Miata 1.6L engine parts

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    For Sale: Miata 1.6L engine parts

    Miata 1.6L race engine parts for sale. This engine, built by noted engine builder Loynings Engine Services in Portland for endurance racing, threw a rod so the crankshaft and cylinder 4 are ruined, as well as the block and oil pan, so I'm parting out the bits that are still good. Items included:

    SOLD: Head + Cams. These cams are not stock, they are made by Web Camshafts (Riverside Calif.) and are part number 37-002 and they appear to be in good shape. Cost around $600 when new. The head appears to have polished exhaust ports. SOLD

    ECU - a Mazda B61P ECU, this one has an increased rev limit (possibly 7500 but not certain) and was paired with this engine. SOLD

    Cam Angle Sensor, SOLD
    Valve cover, $40
    Intake manifold with fuel rail and injectors, SOLD
    Airflow meter box, SOLD

    Three carillo H rods, offers
    Three used JE pistons 3.110 bore, offers

    contact Ron via PM or email rvanderhelm at telus dot net
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    Re: For Sale: Miata 1.6L engine parts

    Hey Ron,

    It's good to hear from you again, although I suspect hearing about a blown engine isn't exactly the ideal...

    Are you on Vancouver Miatas on Facebook at all? I'm guessing you'd have better luck selling your engine parts there. In particular, they have a classified section at:

    Good luck with your sales, and it's good to see that you are still racing.
    Rick Leung
    one of the old farts; used to be somewhat fast

    NC Miata (aka Nancy) - #10 STR
    DE Mazda2 - #29 STF -- the fastest 2015 STF car in the province!

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    Re: For Sale: Miata 1.6L engine parts

    Hi Rick
    Its been a long time eh? I've retired from my ill-fated and somewhat unsuccessful road racing career and will likely return to auto cross sometime once I get a car that is suitable. Thanks for the tip.

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