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Thread: How to prep your car to pass tech at the trackday

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    How to prep your car to pass tech at the trackday

    Track Day Tech Checklist
    1. Brakes (min. 50% all around, less than 50, Fail), firm and not soft
    2. Steering component nothing loose (Tie rods ends, steering wheel free-play)
    3. Suspension component nothing loose (Ball-joint, bushings)
    4. Light working (brake, signal, headlight, etc.)
    5. Fluids not leaking, if it needs new fluid, I recommend Motul
    6. Battery secure
    7. Throttle not sticking
    8. No loose item in compartment (carpet, coins, CDs, dice, etc.)
    9. Tire, have some tread left, I recommend Kumho if you need to buy some. autocross tire for track(rain or grooved, or else you might fail), since I believe we do require tread depth to be 3/32 or more and typical autox tire has 4/32 when new, and we take reading from the baldest point of the tire, so if it looks good in one area and another is bald, fail. You might also fail if your tires are corded, really old, not in the condition for track, etc....It is up to safety steward's decision. So if you have doubt, go buy a set of new tire, it should pass. or else there is a chance you might run into problems.
    10. Wheel nut/bolt torqued to factory spec, I recommend bringing your own tool and socket, speed things up and minimize scratching your lug nuts/bolts.
    11. Windshield NO crack
    12. Door window can be opened
    13. No loose body panels
    14. Seat belt working in factory condition; aftermarket harness FIA or SFI approved and not expired
    15. Coolant level adequate
    16. Door can be opened from both inside/outside
    17. Engine drive belt in good condition
    18. Windshield wiper operating and working in good condition for the track
    19. Emergency brake working
    20. Sound limit is 90 dB for the site
    21. Fuel cap present and not leaking if car is flipped over
    22. Helmet: minimum Snell 2000 rating
    23. Shoe: proper footwear must be worn; must be closed toe

    Heads up, though not required.
    Full tank of gas in car
    5.1 or racing brake fluid, I recommend Motul, best bang for the buck
    It might be wise to run higher viscosity engine oil for track, since it does get really hot

    If i miss something, just post it up. Thanks,

    and there will be no refund. I hate to say this, but I do not want any surprises then.
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