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    Introduction to Autocross

    General information on Autoslalom (aka Autocross or Solo 2 in the US)

    Wikipedia entry on Autocross

    Sea of Cones : A Documentary About Autocross (9:20 min)

    What is Autocross? by Road & Track (2:36 min)

    What is Autocross? by Gears and Gasoline (4:00 min)

    MSNBC story on Autocrossing and Family (3:15 min)

    Parking Lot "Racing" - Autocross In The NorthEast (5:04 min)

    Speedway Music Video from the SCCA Solo National Championship
    With 1,200 drivers it's the largest motorsport event of it's kind.
    2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016

    Road & Track article on their 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals experience.

    Jalopnik article: How To Win An Autocross

    An in car video of the fastest STS miata at the 2009 SCCA Solo National Championship (1:19 min)

    What is a National tour? (3:05 min)

    Local autocross clubs (Founded in 1982)

    To participate you only need a car in working order, 4 decent tires and $25-50 for the entry fee. (No fee for spectators)

    Participant information

    Some reading materials

    Speed Secrets - Winning Autocross Techniques by Ross Bentley

    How to Autocross by Andrew Howe

    Grassroots Motorsports
    Periodical devoted to low-cost performance cars, driving skill improvement, and amateur motorsports such as road racing, autocross and rallying.

    Another take on Autoslalom

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