VCMC Auto-X Cup

The fiercely competitive VCMC Auto-X Cup is back for 2018. This is where seasoned veterans and up-and-coming hot shots square off to determine the club championship in several groups. The club has been growing every year so we feel we have enough people for more groups and more prizes. This year by we’ll split the 3 main groups groups from last year (Street, Touring, Race) to make six new *groups:

  1. Power-Street (SS, AS, BS, FS)
  2. Quick-Street (CS, DS, ES, GS, HS, SSC, HCS,….)
  3. Power Touring (STU, STP, STR)
  4. Quick Touring (STS, STX, STH)
  5. Street Modified (SSR, SMF, SM, SSM, CAM,….)
  6. Race (All Street Prepared, Prepared, & Modified

*The new groups will be in review for the first few events and may change if attendance is not distributed well enough

Another change is that Novices and Ladies will be scored in the main 6 groups but they will also have separate standings, just like before. So now a Lady or Novice can also win a cup group.

Finally we will continue to track an overall PAX championship. All runs will count. All group competitors will be automatically entered.

This series is open to all VCMC club members regardless of experience level.


We have decided to get more serious about prizes this year to inspire fierce competition. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 spots of each cup group + Ladies and Novice. This is a taste of what we are preparing:

6 Cup Groups:

  1. Axon Membership 1 Month (Driving Simulator)
  2. ….
  3. ….


  1. Solo Storm Setup (Application, Action Camera, GPS, OBDII Devise, Galaxy Tab A)
  2. Solo Storm Teaser (Application)
  3. Velocity Event Voucher (2019)


  1. Tire Voucher ($500 Max)/Road Racing Driving School/2019 Cup Events
  2. ….
  3. ….

Top PAX:

  1. Tire Voucher ($500 Max)/Road Racing Driving School/2019 Cup Events


The VCMC Auto-X Cup is scored on each competitor’s best 5 out of 8 event results.

All events take place on the full 1000′ x 500′ facility* at the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport.

*Subject to facility availability. Events will all occur on scheduled dates, however scheduling for half of the facility is only confirmed 30 days prior to events.

See VCMC’s full schedule here.


  • Early bird: $60 (until 11:59pm on last Monday before the event)
  • Regular: $65 (closes 4pm the day before the event)
  • All registrants automatically become VCMC club members.

Online registration opens 4 weeks prior to each event. Online registration is mandatory. New entries will not be processed on-site.

If you have any questions about the VCMC Auto-X Cup or any of our competition events, please contact our Competition Director or post a question on our forum.


All participants must read and agree to abide by the supplemental regulations and CACC autoslalom rulebook. Participants and guests must sign the waiver at the gate before entering the site. Minors must present a parental consent form (once a year).